Kansas City Royals Postseason Fourth Starter Candidates

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Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie was done. Toast. Finis. No matter how one wants to say it, the veteran starter was at the end of the line. While he had been a good soldier for the Kansas City Royals, he just did not have anything left. After all, from July 18 through September 4, Guthrie had a 6.54 ERA and a 1.664 WHiP. Opponents hammered him to the tune of a .337/.388/.590 batting line, with twelve home runs allowed in 42.2 innings. The end was nigh.

Then, as is always the case when everyone is ready to write Guthrie off, he rebounded. the Royals Rasputin has pitched well in his last two outings, allowing only one run on two hits and four walks in his last six innings. Now, with Duffy struggling, Guthrie is back in the rotation.

As much of a longshot as it may be, suppose Guthrie pitches well in his two or three starts down the stretch. What then? Could Ned Yost really hand him the ball in a hypothetical Game Four? As absurd as it may seem, Guthrie was the Royals Game Seven starter in the World Series. He has a level of trust with Yost, as Guthrie is seemingly able to raise his game when it matters most.

it is seemingly unlikely to happen, but one could have said the same about Jeremy Guthrie starting another game for the Kansas City Royals. Could he have one more postseason run in the tank?

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