Kansas City Royals Postseason Fourth Starter Candidates

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Danny Duffy

Danny Duffy was expected to be the Kansas City Royals fourth starter come the postseason. However, he has not exactly performed to expectations for much of the season, posting a 4.35 ERA and a 1.434 WHiP in his 128.1 innings of work. Of his 24 starts, Duffy has pitched seven or more innings only four times this season, hardly what the Royals envisioned when they considered he and Ventura the top starters to the rotation.

For as much as Duffy has struggled this season, his last six outings have been worse. Even though he showed signs that he was breaking out of his season long slump, Duffy posted a 5.40 ERA and a 1.600 WHiP, allowing a .287/.360/.443 batting line in his last six starts. It has gotten to the point where Duffy has been removed from the rotation for Jeremy Guthrie, as he has been banished to the bullpen to get himself right.

In theory, this demotion from the rotation with just over two weeks left in the season would spell the end of Duffy’s hopes of cracking the playoff rotation. However, if he finds the groove he had last season, and performs well if given another start, Duffy could still pitch his way into the Royals postseason plans. After all, none of the candidates are exactly running away from the rest of the competition.

Despite his struggles this year, and subsequent banishment to the bullpen, Danny Duffy could still be a part of the Kansas City Royals playoff rotation. All he needs to do is get back on track and start to deliver the way he did last year.

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