Kansas City Royals Biggest Disappointments in 2015

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Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

What if Alex Rios had not been injured?

If not for the struggles of Omar Infante, Alex Rios would likely be the biggest target of ire in the Kansas City Royals lineup. His .251/.284/.329 batting line is not what the Royals had envisioned when they gave Rios a guaranteed $11 Million this offseason, and is even worse than his mediocre 2014 season.

Yet, one has to wonder what his year would have been like it he remained healthy. Let us not forget that Rios had scorched the ball throughout Spring Training, and had produced a torrid .321/.345/.464 batting line with a home run, two stolen bases and eight RBI as the Royals won their first seven games. Then, he was hit in the hand, missing just over six weeks before returning to the lineup on May 31st.

Instead, as Rios has struggled, the Royals have been looking to find production in right field. Both Jarrod Dyson and Paulo Orlando have had their moments, and Rios’ bout with chicken pox may have resulted in Jonny Gomes being acquired at the end of August. Somewhere, from that collection, the Royals are hoping to find the production needed as they enter the playoffs.

One has to wonder what could have been for Alex Rios and the Kansas City Royals. Instead, he has been a major disappointment this season.

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