Kansas City Royals Rewind: KoK Podcast Episode Four


You know a team is in an unusual position when a potential outbreak of the chicken pox comes in at number 2 on their list of concerns. This past week was one of the craziest of the season for the Kansas City Royals, and not in a good way…

On this week’s edition of K.o.K. Talks, we touch on a few of the “superfluous” issues surrounding the Royals, such as the chicken pox threat, and the sudden absence of Greg Holland. Whatever happened to that guy? One minute Yost is saying that he needs more regular work, then he proceeds to not use him for almost two weeks. Is there an injury that is being hidden? It certainly seems contradictory to what Yost was saying, unless there is something happening behind the scenes.

More than anything, though, this week’s podcast focuses on Johnny Cueto. It is no secret that he has struggled as of late, and many voices in and around baseball have offered up what they think the problem is. The guys on MLB Central seem to think he’ll get it together and be just fine. Others, particularly the voices on ESPN, think the situation may be more dire. You’ll hear them all, as well as some observations by yours truly.

Don’t forget we’ll be releasing new podcasts every week from now through the end of the season and all throughout the playoffs! Be sure to tune in as we continue to offer our insights as to the state of the Kansas City Royals over the previous week, and looking ahead to the postseason and beyond.

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