Kansas City Royals Considered Favorites to Win World Series


As it stands, the Kansas City Royals are considered to be the favorites to win the World Series. Right now, the odds for the Royals are either 9/2 or 4/1 to take home the title at the end of this season, depending on which website that one uses. It would appear, based on these odds, that the Royals inevitable trek to October, and subsequent coronation, will be a formality.

It certainly makes sense as to why the oddsmakers would feel that way. The Royals are running away with their division, taking a 9.5 game lead into today’s slate of action. The Royals are the only team in the American League Central with a positive run differential, and the additions of Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist appear to have filled the holes in their roster. Once Alex Gordon returns, the Royals could be considered one of the more complete teams in baseball.

Yet, everything with the Royals is not perfect. Cueto certainly upgrades the rotation, yet questions still remain about Yordano Ventura and Danny Duffy. Jeremy Guthrie has been one of the worst starters in baseball. Cueto is the perfect fit to the Royals rotation struggles, but will he be enough?

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Likewise, having Zobrist and a returning Gordon will help the Kansas City Royals lineup, but there are still concerns there.  After a hot stretch, Alex Rios has produced a .139/.162/.167 batting line with one double in his last ten games. Since the first of July, Mike Moustakas has been closer to that player that was sent down to Omaha last year, posting a .191/.277/.303 batting line with four extra base hits. Obviously, Moustakas had other things than baseball on his mind during that stretch, but the lack of production is concerning.

Even the bullpen is a slight concern. Greg Holland just has not looked like himself this season, and has battled a few minor injuries, even spending time on the disabled list. Franklin Morales, even though he has pitched well, is the only lefty reliever on the roster. Obviously, any concerns with the bullpen are minor in comparison to the rest of the team, yet it is still worth noting.

Despite this, the Royals remain the favorites in the American League. Perhaps this is due to the other teams being even more flawed than the Royals are. The Astros have a propensity to strikeout by the bushel. The Yankees did not bring in that staff ace. The Blue Jays, who may be the biggest threats to the Royals for the American League pennant, are currently the second Wild Card team, but trail the Yankees by 5.5 games and hold only a one game lead on their postseason spot.

Obviously, a lot can change over the next few weeks before the postseason begins. After all, the Royals were eight games behind the Tigers on July 21st last year, only to lead the division three weeks later. Yet, once the Royals get healthy, and if Duffy and Ventura can find their form once again, that betting line could prove to be accurate.

Right now, despite their flaws, the Kansas City Royals are the odds-on favorites to win the World Series. It is certainly a great position to be in.

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