Kansas City Royals Reportedly Interested in Martin Prado


The Kansas City Royals already made a splash before the trade deadline by acquiring Johnny Cueto. However, after picking up the ace they needed in the rotation, the Royals may not be done fortifying their roster.

While the Royals next target would theoretically involve acquiring a second baseman or a right fielder, that may not be where Dayton Moore has his sights set. As it turns out, the Royals are reportedly interested in acquiring Miami Marlins third baseman Martin Prado.

On the surface, Prado would seem to be a strange choice for the Royals. After all, Mike Moustakas is in the midst of a career season, and Prado would not supplant the All-Star at third. Likewise, Prado is owed another $11 Million through next season, and while the Yankees are paying a portion of that salary, Prado seems like an expensive luxury.

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However, Martin Prado has spent a good amount of time at second base throughout his career, an area where the Kansas City Royals are currently in need of an upgrade. Omar Infante has been better lately, but Prado’s .277/.316/.374 batting line is far better than what the Royals incumbent second baseman has provided. Prado, despite playing at third all season, could be looked upon as that upgrade.

Likewise, the Royals could look upon Prado as that utility player they have seemingly been searching for over the past few years. Christian Colon has seemingly ended up in the Royals doghouse, and Dusty Coleman will be remembered for his baserunning misadventures than anything he ever did in the field. Prado would give the Royals that roster flexibility that they have not had.

Prado may not carry with him the excitement that a player like Ben Zobrist would, but he may be a perfect fit in the Royals lineup. Much like the Royals offensive philosophy, Prado does an excellent job of putting the bat on the ball, striking out in only 11.0% of his lifetime at bats. Add in his gap power, and Prado could be the perfect fit in the Royals lineup.

The Kansas City Royals have already made a move prior to the trade deadline. However, they may not be finished yet, as Dayton Moore and the Royals could have their sights set upon Martin Prado to fill in another hole on the roster.

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