Kansas City Royals Next Hall of Fame Player

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Gordon

Back when Alex Gordon was struggling at third base and was banished to the minors, it would have been difficult to imagine the transformation that has occurred. When it was learned that the Kansas City Royals planned on teaching him how to play left field, the expectations for Gordon were at rock bottom. Just shows how much we knew back then.

After being converted to the outfield, Gordon became a completely different player. No longer expected to be the second coming of George Brett, Gordon instead turned into one of the best all around players in baseball today. His highlight reel catches, with one made seemingly every day, have become the stuff of highlight reel legend.

A four time Gold Glove winner and a three time All-Star, Gordon has begun to build an impressive resume. While his offensive numbers to this point, a .269/.349/.436 batting line with 132 home runs and 82 stolen bases, may not seem particularly stellar for a 31 year old, one has to take into account the complete package with Gordon. With his defense, stellar arm and the way he has completely shut down teams trying to take an extra base on any ball hit to left, he has proven to be a special player.

But will Alex Gordon be considered a Hall of Fame player? That remains to be seen. If he can get another four or five seasons similar to his production from between 2011 through this year, he very well could be. Hopefully, that happens with Gordon wearing a Kansas City Royals uniform.

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