Kansas City Royals Survivor: The Rotation Edition

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I think the Kansas City Royals are nervous about making someone like Guthrie into a long reliever when he doesn’t have the track record. Although Young has been a better starter, he has also had success from the pen this season. Likewise, he provides depth as a starter during this stretch in the even the Royals want to use a sixth starter.

The Royals are always looking for ways to give their bullpen some rest, and having a guy like Young in there can do just that. If Guthrie gets blown up in the first again, Ned Yost can call on Young to save the day. He’s not one of the candidates according to Andy McCullough, but Young is who I think will likely get the boot. Besides, if one of the five starters is struggling or gets injured, this gives the Royals the opportunity to call on Young once again.

Regardless of whoever gets voted off the island, it does not mean they won’t have a role with this team, nor does it mean they won’t ever be in the rotation again. If this teaches us anything, it’s that the Royals sure have a lot of depth at the starting rotation, which, of course, is never a bad thing.

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