Kansas City Royals Survivor: The Rotation Edition

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Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Young

Chris Young has had a solid season, posting an overall 8-5 record with a 3.03 ERA and a 1.043 WHiP. As a starter, Young has continued his surprisingly strong season, posting a 3.26 ERA and a 1.125 WHiP. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a candidate who gets voted off in Survivor. But here, he is meeting Jeffrey Probst saying, “Your tribe has spoken”.

Sure, it’s not fair with his story and everything Young has done, that he is the odd man out with the return of Vargy. But the 36-year-old righty is my favorite to get bumped to a bullpen role.

The biggest reason I foresee Young getting sent back to the bullpen is the simple fact he has been there before, having made six appearances as a reliever. He came from a long relief bullpen role, and I think whoever gets kicked out of the rotation will likely end up with that job. So why not give the role to a guy who has proven he can do that job?

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