Kansas City Royals: What to Watch For in the Second Half

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Trying to replace Alex Gordon

We all know that the Kansas City Royals cannot replace what Alex Gordon means to the team. Between his platinum defense in left and his ability to hit literally anywhere in the lineup, Gordon may be the most irreplaceable player that the Royals have. And yet, this is the reality that the Royals will face, with Gordon expected out until September.

As it stands, the Royals are looking at some sort of platoon between Paulo Orlando and Jarrod Dyson to cover the position until Gordon returns. While neither may be an every day option, Dyson and Orlando have had their moments. After a slow start to the season, Dyson has produced a stellar .375/.434/.604 batting line since May 25th while causing his usual havoc on the bases. Orlando, meanwhile, since being recalled from Omaha, has four hits in his 13 at bats, with two home runs and seven RBI.

While both Orlando and Dyson have filled in admirably, neither are really a long term solution. Both players seem destined to fit that fourth outfielder role, are to play in some sort of a platoon instead of being every day players. Yet, as the roster is currently situated, the Royals do not have a choice but to see if some combination of Dyson and Orlando can shoulder the burden of trying to provide some degree of what Gordon provided.

No one player can give the Kansas City Royals everything that Alex Gordon did. However, for now, they need to hope that Jarrod Dyson and Paulo Orlando can come close.

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