KC Royals: Ned Yost Reveals How Seven Royals Made The All-Star Game


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When eight KC Royals took the lead in the 2015 All-Star vote, both fans and pundits screamed they didn’t deserve it. They wondered how it was possible that fans from the second smallest market in baseball could stuff the ballot box in favor of their hometown heroes.

Some suggested that Kansas City Royals fans either: 1) spent all of their waking hours voting, or 2) possessed an unsavory ability with computer systems. Whatever the cause, many said this year’s vote proved that MLB’s All-Star selection system was broken.

Tired of people asking him why five KC Royals won the fan vote for the 2015 All-Star game, American League manager Ned Yost finally revealed the real reason in an exclusive video obtained by Kings of Kauffman:

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Ned’s rant included assertions the he personally hacked major-league baseball’s computer system in order to pump up the votes for all nine of his starting players, calling himself an “internet ninja”.

He insisted that he perpetrated this crime to show the baseball world that numbers aren’t what make player succeed on the baseball field, instead it’s the power of the mind.

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Apparently, KC Royals manager Ned Yost is determined to prove that if a player believes he is an All-Star, he is going to play like an All-Star.

Yost cited the example of Kansas City Royals second baseman Omar Infante, who has hit .289 in the last month after he took the lead in the All-Star voting at second base on June 17. Infante was hitting .227 before his hot streak, spurred by the mental manipulations of his manager if we are to believe Yost’s crazed assertions.

Tuesday’s revelation might force baseball pundits to reconsider their criticisms with regard to KC Royals manager Ned Yost’s strategic acumen, and his ability to handle the recent data innovations in baseball. Currently, the Kansas City Royals lead the American League Central by 4.5 games over the surprising Minnesota Twins.

The KC Royals also have the best record in the American League at 52-34.

If true, Yost becomes part of a disturbing pattern of computer crime among baseball front offices. The F.B.I. and the U.S. Justice Department launched a federal investigation regarding allegations that the St. Louis Cardinals hacked proprietary data from the Houston Astros server.

Apparently, Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost might be ahead, rather than behind, the innovation curve when it comes to inspiring his players to perform.

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