Kansas City Royals 2015 All-Star Review

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Gordon

It was great to imagine the American League starting outfield of Mike Trout, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon. With that defense, any pitcher would not need to worry about a ball landing in the outfield, as they would be able to cover enough ground to make Yellowstone seem tiny.

Unfortunately, Gordon suffered a groin strain last week, knocking him out of the Royals lineup until September. While the All-Star Game and the various accolades would not be new to Gordon, given that this would be his third trek to the MidSummer Classic, it would still be great to have seen him get his due as the starting left fielder.

Gordon has certainly had an excellent season up to the point he was injured. He had posted a .279/.394/.457 batting line with eleven home runs. His 135 OPS+ was his best mark since his breakout campaign in 2011, and with those eleven home runs, Gordon was making a run at a new career high. In what may have been a free agent season, Gordon had started to put together what may have been his best season.

Fortunately for the Kansas City Royals, Alex Gordon should be back for the playoff push. Unfortunately, he will not be able to showcase his ability in the starting lineup of the All-Star Game this season.

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