Kansas City Royals 2015 All-Star Review

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Salvador Perez

If one just looked at Salvador Perez’s batting line, it would understandable as to why so many other fanbases question his inclusion in the All-Star starting lineup. His .262/.273/.453 batting line is not going to jump off the page at anyone. Yes, the 15 home runs from a catcher are nice, but to the uninitiated, Perez would seem to be just an example of Kansas City Royals fans stuffing the ballot box.

That, however, completely diminishes what Perez is – the best defensive catcher in the American League. A two time Gold Glove winner, and now a three time All-Star, Perez is a key part of the Royals philosophy of pitching and defense, commanding the pitching staff and taking charge on the diamond.

Even without Royals fans and the popular vote, Perez would likely have been on the All-Star team anyway. His power, as well as his ability to entirely shut down a running game, make him an asset in any format. Since the All-Star Game counts, why not have the best defensive catcher in the league behind the plate?

Salvador Perez is now a three time All-Star at the age of 25. Chances are, the Kansas City Royals catcher will have quite a few more appearances in the All-Star Game in his future.

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