KC Royals Fan Outrage At Robinson Cano Signaled Team Revival

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At the 2012 All-Star game, held at KC Royals home park Kauffman Stadium, Yankee star Robinson Cano captained the American League’s Home Run Derby when something completely unexpected happened: Kansas City Royals fans booed the heck out of Cano.

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It wasn’t just your typical, “we don’t like you, so we’ll let you hear it” boo. A blast of pure outrage poured from the stands of Kauffman Stadium and dogged Robinson Cano through every public event that weekend.

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The cause: Cano had outraged Kansas City Royals fans by reneging on his promise to include local slugger Billy Butler (who had 16 home runs at the All-Star break) in the American League’s home run derby lineup.

KC Royals fans so unnerved Robinson Cano that the Yankee slugger failed to hit a single home run during the 2012 Derby—much to the delight of the home crowd. The year before, Cano had WON the Home Run Derby with 32 dingers over three rounds.

After Kansas City Royals fans got done with him, Cano couldn’t even go yard agaisnt batting practice meatballs.

The last baseball “event’ to take place in Kansas City was the 1985 World Series 27 years before. The 2012 All-Star game marked the first time in more than 25 years that the Kansas City had felt “relevant” in the baseball world.

The best was yet to come:

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