KC Royals: Do Fans Believe Alex Gordon Should be Traded?

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. Clubhouse Chemistry

“It would disrupt clubhouse chemistry” is an ever so popular reason for not going out getting landing a big fish via trade. This is typically overrated in my personal opinion, but when it comes to Gordon this is something to take in consideration.

The KC Royals currently boast the best record in the American League and have as much of chance of making a deep postseason run as anyone. One of the best things about last season’s postseason run was the endless showers of champagne in the postgame celebrations.

That has carried over this season. While Salvador Perez has taken over the postgame dumping of Gatorade on the star of the game, Gordon is still considered to be a major piece in the clubhouse, a player who helps lead the Royals through example.

Even the national media can admit the Royals play with a boyish spirit and seem to have a family bond. Trading away the older brother would cause chaos for the family.

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