KC Royals: Do Fans Believe Alex Gordon Should be Traded?

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Ah what a generation we live in today with social media and sports. Immediately following Paulo Orlando’s walk-off grand slam, KC Royals twitter went rightfully nuts. It was a big deal – it was after all just the fifth time it had been done in franchise’s history.

Many adorable Royals fans took to Twitter saying that Orlando should replace Alex Rios or something in that ballpark (Pun absolutely intended).

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The fans have a point, Rios certainly hasn’t done much in a Royals uniform to justify the front office for going out and getting him this offseason. Nor has he done much to back

Ned Yost

in the future if he decided to keep Rios on the roster as opposed to the hot commodity – Paulo Grand-Slam-O.

But backtracking to this beautiful world we live in where fans can tweet their sports related opinions. Often in sports, especially today, we can be blinded by the moment.

After Odell Beckham Jr. makes a miraculous catch millions of people take to Twitter and say how that’s the greatest catch in the history of football without really going back and considering the other nominees.

That’s the beautiful thing about sports and right or not — it’s the world we live in and gives us plenty to talk about.

However the most ridiculous “blinded by the moment” came not from a 140-character statement. It came from a random caller on the County Mart Call in Show with Josh Vernier on 610 sports radio.

Random caller brought up the idea of trading Alex Gordon due to his potential departure and of course the recent triumph of Orlando.

I have come accustomed to fans in this area saying ridiculous when it comes to sports. But what I found is this random caller isn’t alone. Several days ago I saw a couple tweets directed towards KC Royals beat writer Andy McCullough if Kansas City should indeed part ways with the All-Star Left Fielder.

Let’s get this out of the way first; I agree with John Viril that the Royals should go for broke when it comes to the trade deadline. The Royals have a short window here for a chance to claim the crown and this year seems as likely as any.

But trading away their gold glover would be a catastrophic mistake. A mistake I don’t think the Royals are going to make. Yes – I am aware that it is very likely that Gordon walks at the end of this year for hefty check without Kansas City getting anything in return but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Here are the three main reasons the Royals should NOT trade Gordon.

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