Kansas City Royals Rewind: Greg Holland Continues to Dominate

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

2. Kendrys Morales

When the Kansas City Royals needed to find an upgrade in the lineup, the signing of Kendrys Morales did not appear to be that boost they would need. After all, Morales struggled during the 2014 season, leaving most “experts” to wonder if he had anything left in the tank. The Royals, meanwhile, were gambling that they would be getting the Morales from 2009 through 2013, when he was a proven power hitter and run producer.

Thus far, they have been correct, as Morales has been exactly what they had hoped for. He continued to punish the opposition last week, posting a .304/.385/.478 batting line, with a double, a home run and three RBI.

Morales has also been more than just a power bat in the lineup. He has also brought an element of patience and selectivity to the Royals that has been wearing off on the other hitters. Even if the Royals are still last in the American League in walks, they are looking for pitches to drive, and typically have not been missing.

Kendrys Morales has been yet another free agency hit for Dayton Moore and the Kansas City Royals. While he may not threaten the thirty home run mark, Morales has still provided that power element that the Royals needed.

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