Kansas City Royals Eric Hosmer Is The Next….???

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Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a question we’ve all heard 100 times in discussions with fans, on talk radio, on the internet, at the ballpark… “Who is the real Eric Hosmer?” Is he the player who had an excellent final four months in 2013 and postseason last year? Or is he the player who, at times, can look completely lost at the plate?

Is that even a fair question? Is the Eric Hosmer we’ve seen (for the most part) not good enough? I know, most people expected him to grow into some power by now…but is it okay with you if he doesn’t?

When I think of Eric Hosmer’s ability with the bat…the first two guys that come to mind for me are Mark Grace and Will Clark. This is probably because I grew up watching these two and have a good recollection of how they played and how they produced at bat.

So, let us take a look back at both Clark and Grace, and how they compare to the Kansas City Royals first baseman. There may be a few more similarities than one would think.

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