Kansas City Royals Prospect Review: Top Pitchers of April

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals have built a team based on pitching, defense and speed. The defense has certainly been eyepopping, as it seems as though the Royals are playing with twelve men on the field with the way they track down everything. The speed has given the opposition fits, and literally ran teams out of the postseason last year. It is beautiful to behold.

However, for the solid offensive and the stellar defense, the Royals are primarily built around their pitching. The starting rotation has the two young studs in Yordano Ventura and Danny Duffy, with several top prospects slated to arrive in the next couple of years. The bullpen has been superlative, earning the praise, and envy, of the rest of baseball. As long as the Royals lead in the sixth inning, the game is virtually over.

However, even with the excellence in the majors, the next wave must arrive at some point. There, in the minors, where the Royals have the likes of Kyle Zimmer and Sean Manaea, we have seen some excellent performances this year. So, let us take a look through those players who have put together an excellent month of April in the Kansas City Royals system.

These players may not be the biggest names or the brightest young stars, but that does not discount their contributions thus far. Perhaps, if they continue these performances, we may see them climb through the system or on to a prospect list.

*statistics current as of May 1*

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