Kansas City Royals Recall Terrance Gore


With the news that Alex Rios is going to be out for three to six weeks with his fractured left hand, we all knew that someone would be brought up to fill that spot on the roster. The biggest question was, who exactly would get that spot? The Kansas City Royals did begin the season with five outfielders, but there were thoughts that another reliever could be added. With concerns about Omar Infante‘s elbow, another infielder would have made sense as well.

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With this in mind, the Ned Yost announced that the Royals would be bringing back a player who made a difference during their run in September and October. No, this is not the return of Brandon Finnegan, but rather speedster extraordinaire Terrance Gore. Right now, Yost is envisioning a platoon between Paulo Orlando and Jarrod Dyson in right, with Gore coming off the bench to be Herb Washington yet again.

The choice to bring back Terrance Gore is interesting, especially given that his only role will be to run. He certainly excelled in that position last year, scoring five runs and stealing five bases in eleven regular season games, while adding two more runs and three steals during the postseason. If used properly, Gore can certainly be a weapon late in the ballgame.

The question remains: Is bringing up Gore the right move? The Royals could use another infielder, given that Infante’s elbow may be held together by hope and an elastic band at this point. Even if the Royals wanted a fifth outfielder, Reymond Fuentes is batting .400/.500/.467 at Omaha while Gore is hitless in his 15 plate appearances.

While Terrance Gore has his uses, speed is his only real attribute at this point. Unless he manages to get hit like a pitch like seemingly everyone else on the Royals, it is unlikely that he would contribute anything at the plate. At least with Fuentes, there is the chance that he could get a ball to the outfield.

However, if there is anything that the last two months of last season and the first week of 2015 have taught us, it is to not question what Dayton Moore and Ned Yost are thinking. They are as close to batting 1.000 as possible. If Gore is being brought up, the odds are very high that he ends up winning the Kansas City Royals a game or two with his legs. That is just how the season has gone thus far.

For the next three to six weeks, Terrance Gore is back with the Royals. It will be interesting to see the impact he has this time around.

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