Frank White Wins Legislative Seat in Jackson County


Perhaps it is fitting that, a night after the Gold Glove Award winners were announced, Frank White won in his foray into the political arena.

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White, the Royals slick fielding former second basemen, won eight Gold Gloves in his career, so he certainly knows a thing or two about victories in the middle of autumn. This time, White won in his quest to be elected to the Jackson County, MO legislature, garnering 45,534 votes more than his opponent, Weldon Woodward.

This may not be much of a surprise, even without getting into the politics of the race. One of three players to have their numbers retired by the Royals, Frank White is an icon in the Kansas City area, and Missouri in general. Located deep in the heart of Royals Country, and with the goodwill generated by their deep postseason run, that may have extended into other forums. White, as a Royals great, may well have benefited, at least to a degree, from that outpouring of support.

Now, beginning in January, White will start his four year term. Having run as a Democrat, White will join six other Democrats and two Republicans in holding office in the county.

This could also be a way to get Frank White and the Royals to reconcile their differences. White, who literally help build Kauffman Stadium, and the Royals parted ways on less than friendly terms after he was relieved of his broadcasting duties. Even though White did make an appearance in the crowd during the World Series, he refused to take place in any pregame celebrations. Maybe, just maybe, this can be a way for the Royals to extend that olive branch to White.

Congratulations to Frank White on his victory! Hopefully, we will see him again at Kauffman Stadium soon.