Kansas City Baseball Vault: Winter Meeting Thoughts and J.J. Cooper of Baseball America Talks Prospects


We covered all of the moves the Royals made to clean up their 40 man roster and the arbitration offers they made to their eligible players. We also discussed the Jeremy Guthrie deal and the value behind it, both as a contract and in relation to the Royals staff in 2013 and beyond.

In light of David Glass’s latest comments, we had to discuss the payroll for 2013 and Glass’s idea of what the Royals can spare this year. The numbers don’t seem to add up…

Oh – but we didn’t stop there. We talked about Wil Myers, James Shields, R.A. Dickey and trade rumors, as well as what to look for during the winter meetings this week.

At the end, we have an interview with J.J Cooper of Baseball America who compiled his list of the Royals top 10 prospects to get his take on the state of the Royals system (interview starts at 1:19).

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As the hot stove warms up, it was time to cover the latest roster moves by the Royals in advance of the Winter Meetings in Nashville.