Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Yordano Ventura to Represent Royals at Futures Game


The rosters for the MLB Futures Game is out and the Royals have three player representatives.

Playing for the U.S. team will be Jake Odorizzi and Wil Myers. Most Royals fans should recognize the names of two of the organization’s top prospects.

Odorizzi is 4-0 in 5 starts for the Storm Chasers. Here’s a glimpse at what he’s done so far in Omaha.


Royals fans will likely get a look at Myers in the majors before Odorizzi, but you never know. Both have played well. The fact that they’ve been announced on the roster for the Futures game makes it almost a certainty that neither will see Kansas City as a major-leaguer until after the all-star break. Here’s Myer’s numbers at (AAA).


I’m ready to see Myers. I listened to an interview of him on 810 today where he stated that he’s most comfortable defensively in center field. If he continues tearing it up in Omaha it could make for an interesting situation at the position depending on when Lorenzo Cain is set to come back. Myer’s bat would be worth losing speedy and light-hitting Jarrod Dyson.

Playing for the World team, Royals fans could get a chance to see Yordano Ventura who’s been playing at Class (A) Wilmington. He’s 3-5 in 13 starts. Here are some numbers.


It’s a good opportunity for these young Royals to make a splash on the national scene as well as Royals fans to get a look at some young guys who, at least in Odorizzi and Myers’ case, should definitely be called up for big-league service by the end of the season, if not in the next month.

An interesting final note. All-star ambassador and Royals’ man-about-town George Brett will be managing the U.S. team.

So if you get an opportunity to see the game, live or otherwise, be sure to get a look at Royals’ players past and present.