Youth in Revolt: The 2011 Kansas City Royals (August)



Hot and unlucky.


Starting Pitching

(At least 3 games started)

Luke Hochevar2-239.14.358.242.52
Jeff Francis1-333.05.734.362.18
Felipe Paulino1-229.24.556.375.46
Danny Duffy0-426.16.846.494.10
Bruce Chen5-

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Bruce collected almost half of his win total in this month alone while Paulino and Hochevar turned in respectable months as well. This might have been the first month that starting pitching wasn’t the biggest issue for the Royals. Duffy continued struggling with control.

August MVP(s) of the month (SP): Bruce Chen – Wins may not matter but I can’t deny that a 5-1 record looks nice.

August Ugly Duckling(s) of the month (SP): Danny Duffy – Control issues. Learn how to paint those corners, Son.

Relief pitching

Tim Collins0-07.22.359.355.87
Greg Holland0-016.22.708.642.70
Aaron Crow0-26.18.5315.639.95
Nathan Adcock0-
Blake Wood1-214.24.307.364.91
Joakim Soria0-19.25.5910.241.86
Louis Coleman0-
Everett Teaford0-06.18.538.532.84

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You can’t really fault them for struggling a little bit this month. They’d carried the torch all year. Holland and Collins were good. Crow had an awful E.R.A. while posting a really weird 15.63 K/9 and 9.95 BB/9.

August MVP(s) of the month (RP): Greg Holland – So consistent. Guy had the most innings out of the bullpen this month and was still great.

August Ugly Duckling(s) of the month (RP): Aaron Crow – He had a rough month. He was striking guys out but negating it by walking a ton of guys as well.


Avg./OBP/SLG/OPS with at least 40 plate appearances

Alex Gordon.315.384.541.925
Melky Cabrera.297.328.505.832
Eric Hosmer.269.316.426.742
Johnny Giavotella.237.276.355.630
Chris Getz.
Mike Moustakas.283.324.343.667
Jeff Francoeur.296.331.426.757
Billy Butler.304.344.482.826
Alcides Escobar.224.281.374.655
Salvador Perez.279.315.426.742

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Moustakas bounced back from a really bad slump while Chris Getz was the Chris Getz we all know and love. As for Alcides? Well…uh…he was really good on defense?

August MVP(s) of the month (Offensive): Alex Gordon – Rennaissance Man. Seriously…every time I checked a box score this guy was scoring runs and getting on base.

August Ugly Duckling(s) of the month (Offensive): Chris Getz – I suppose this is personal. You can’t say it was Giavotella. It was his first month in the majors. I choose not to give it to Alcides because I have it in for Chris Getz. Okay, fine. Both of them were bad this month. But man, Alcides makes enough plays on defense that I can forget about his occasional hitting lapses. Getz? Not so much.


Starting Pitching – Wait a minute…you weren’t awful? Bruce solidifies his type B status.

Relief Pitching – When you guys don’t pitch well we lose even more than usual….which meant we lost a lot.

Hitting – Gordon had another great month and Billy Butler stayed right on track. A catcher and a second basemen fresh from the farm went through some expected struggles adjusting to big-league hitting. Check that, Giavotella struggled. Salvador Perez showed he just might have more to offer than a defensive presence and a good arm.

Overall – Not a great month on the whole, but the call-ups of Johnny Giavotella and Salvador Perez were worth noting. As stated above, Perez really started out with a bang and it was intriguing to see how all the rookies at the big league level would finish out the season.

Final month next week. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.