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From time to time, I like to share other things I’ve come across while browsing other sites in the Royals community. This week, I found quite a bit of interesting articles out there, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you can remedy that right now:

  • Fox Sports Kansas City has a recap of the creation of the Royals logo way back in 1968 before the team started play.  Hallmark has a video of the logo’s creator, Shannon Manning, discussing the process behind the design.  Interesting to see which logos didn’t make it.  I’m kind of a closet logo/uniform/team colors nerd and I’ve always liked the cleanness of the Royals logo.
  • Team A has an on base percentage of .335, a slugging percentage of .400 and 1499 total bases.  Team B has .331/.390 and 1514 total bases.  Team A is fighting for first place in their division.  Team B is fighting to avoid 100 losses.  What gives?
  • I post this mostly for the graph…but RedReporter.com looks at catchers and WAR across the league.  I don’t think I have to tell you in which half the Royals catchers fall.  Or catcher, singular…
  • RoyalsReview poses the question: would you rather be miserable for five years and win one World Series, then go back to being miserable, or would you rather contend for first every year for ten years?
  • It’s possible that whole scenario won’t be necessary, as the Royals farm system keeps producing promising prospects.  Wally looks at the best pitching performances of the week at Call To The  Pen and leading the minor leagues for the week is 19 year old Crawford Simmons of the Burlington Royals in the Rookie League.
  • Bus Leagues Baseball has a quick interview with another Royals prospect, Eric Hosmer.  They discuss adjusting to newer levels, the label of “savior” and the Futures Game.  It’s just text and all but I sense a confidence behind Hosmer’s words…
  • Another star prospect, Wil Myers, is the subject of discussion on Royals Authority, where they look at the possibility of moving him from behind the plate to the outfield to speed up his arrival in Kansas City.  I’m all for it, as I’d like him to hit the majors at or near the same time as Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, and that just isn’t possible if he spends extra time in the minors as a catcher.
  • And while we’re on the topic of Myers, Aaron Stilley of Kansas City Baseball makes custom cards that feature current players and prospects.  His latest utilizes my favorite baseball card design of all time, the 1989 Topps layout which features Wil Myers.  I had about 20,000 of these red-backed monsters laying around my house when I was nine years old, including about 25 copies of the George Brett card.  Seriously, I might be able to get back into collecting if card companies stepped back from jersey scrap inserts and holograms and went back to simple cardboard and photos.
  • Finally, it’s not really Royals related, but as a game-scorer myself, I really really hope they put this program out for the Android line of cell phones.  The coolest feature to me is the .pdf formatted scorebook reproduction.

As you can see, it was a busy week in the baseball blogosphere.  And as we approach September callups, fall league assignments, and eventually hot stove chatter, it’s not slowing down any time soon.  Oh, and there are also 49 more games to get through to see how some of the youngsters adapt to playing everyday in the bigs.

Should be fun.

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