Coming soon to FanSided


In the near future a new site will be added to the Sports Network MLB lineup.  That’s right, the launch of our new general baseball site, Call to the Pen, draws near.  We are hoping to get it up and running shortly before or shortly after opening day.

Call to the Pen will incorporate thoughts and content from all of our team bloggers.  As news that impacts any MLB team breaks, we will do our utmost to be there* with relevant thoughts and opinions on a team level and on a global level.  If a trade happens, we’ll have it covered from three sides instead of just one or two.

*We can’t cover everything, but what we do cover, we will cover well.

In addition, this new site will feature columnists picked from our staff who will provide in depth articles based on their respective areas of expertise.  Seven columnists for seven days means that readers of Call to the Pen will be able to tell what day of the week it is by the columnist and topic that is appearing on that day.  The schedule hasn’t been ironed out yet and we still have a lot of work to do in preparation for the launch, but you can expect to find some great content touching on as many areas of baseball as we can muster.  Weekly columns will cover topics such as sabermetric analysis, prospect profiles and organizational who’s hot and who’s not lists.  We will also have a weekly column dedicated to coverage of drafts of the past, present, and future as well as much more.

As far as the impact this new venture will have on Kings of Kauffman, it should be minimal.  The Baseball Side of FanSided link posts will be moving over to the new site, but beyond that, not much should change.  I plan to continue posting Royals related content on a near daily basis as I have been for the majority of the last year.

That said, projects like Call to the Pen have a way of taking on a life of their own and it would be foolish of me to not plan for a contingency here on Kings of Kauffman.  If Call to the Pen pulls me away from providing near-daily content on this site, I pledge to you that I will strive to find a writer or writers who can provide quality Royals related content here on Kings of Kauffman either in my place or in support of my own work.  “Worst” case scenario that I can anticipate is that I will shift to a contributor here on KoK and give way to a new lead writer.

Again, I don’t anticipate that such action will be necessary and I am confident that I will be able to handle both sites.  Call to the Pen will have the full contingent of the FanSided MLB team of writers backing it and that will go a long way toward keeping the pressure off of me.  It also doesn’t hurt that my time management skills have improved greatly in the last 12 months.  Further, I would be kidding myself to assert that I don’t waste a fair amount of time watching TV and doing other less than productive things.  In short, I’ve got room for improvement with respect to how I use my free time.

When Call to the Pen is officially launched, I hope you will do me the honor of heading over and checking it out.  Rest assured that I will give everyone a heads up here on KoK when the launch actually takes place.

I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then but who needs sleep anyway?

(Wally Fish is the lead blogger for Kings of Kauffman and FanSided’s MLB Director.  Subscribe to his RSS feed and add him on Twitter to follow him daily.)