Royals Agree to Terms with Wil Myers


Jim Callis of Baseball America is reporting that the Royals have agreed to terms with 3rd round pick C-Wil Myers.  The bonus is the expected, and long rumored, amount of $2 million.  Click here to read Callis’ blog entry. 

Myers is a HS player so it will be at least a year or two before we can even start projecting what he could realistically be in the Major Leagues, but anytime you draw comparisons to Dale Murphy it’s certainly a good thing.  Of course, pre-GMDM, Chris George was often compared to Tom Glavine so comparisons aren’t worth much right now.  Regardless of what he actually becomes, Myers was considered a 1st round talent.  Many projections had the Royals taking him 12th overall, where they ultimately picked, still unsigned, RHP-Aaron Crow.

If Myers stays at C and reaches the majors, I just want to know if he can actually block pitches and perhaps throw out a baserunner every now and then.  If he can do that, and perhaps have an OBP north of 0.320, I will be a happy camper.  I recognize that a 0.320 OBP is setting the bar low for Myers, but that mark has managed to evade Olivo and Buck their entire ML careers thus far.

As bad some of Dayton’s decisions have been with regard to the ML roster, there is no doubt that Moore still has the support of ownership to spend money on the draft.  This is a point that should not be taken lightly or understated.  The Royals are still spending money and that is a good thing.  Hopefully DM starts spending money wisely at the ML level so the talent improves on the farm and in the big leagues.