Kansas City Royals: Catching up with Jonathan Bowlan

KC Royals (Photo by Jamie Squire/2020 Getty Images)
KC Royals (Photo by Jamie Squire/2020 Getty Images) /
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KC Royals
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Not much KC Royals-related here… just some fun questions and answers.

These last two questions, I feel, are questions that might be the best way to get to know a future Kansas City athlete. Both are about food and BBQ in Kansas City. First question:

Q: Boneless or bone-in wings?

"I am a big Boneless guy but I will never turn down bone-in wings; especially from places in Memphis."

Now, I feel like this is the right answer. I am a boneless guy first, bone-in second. However, I will never refuse a bone-in wing or leg and won’t complain if I don’t get boneless. I’ll let you decide if this is make-or-break for you though.

Which leads to my last question. But let’s set the stage here. Bowlan attended Memphis for three years. Memphis is a city that is known for its BBQ. The only thing is, here in Kansas City we believe our BBQ is the best around. So I had to ask…

Q: I’m going to put you on the spot. Who has better BBQ? KC or TEN? No pressure.

"[Laughing] Both places have very good BBQ but it just depends on what type of BBQ you want. If you want ribs and pulled pork it’s all Memphis. If you’re in the mood for some burnt ends the KC is the way haha. That’s at least what I’ve learned from the little bit of KC BBQ I have had. I’ll have to give a more detailed opinion once I’ve had some more KC BBQ. If I was to choose one right now, it would have to be Memphis."

As someone who has never had BBQ in Memphis, I don’t know if I can answer this question fairly. If you have had BBQ from both, I’ll let you decide what we do next.

Final Thoughts

After talking more with Jonathan Bowlan, the only outcome that came from it was excitement. This sounds like someone who understands that in order to reach the ultimate goal you can never stop working. His improvement from year one to year two showed that but hearing how he handles some of the mental aspects, as well as personal growth, should make anyone within the KC Royals organization excited.

I know I am a believer in the fact that Bowlan should be talked about more when mentioning the other pitchers in his draft class. I also am a believer in the fact that he will continue to improve and force himself into the conversation if anything.

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Jonathan Bowlan has gained a fan and supporter. I look forward to seeing others join me as he continues working his way throughout the rankings, and I look forward to seeing him become “that” pitcher for the KC Royals.