Kansas City Royals: What we should expect from ownership

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Kansas City Royals, Ned Yost
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Dayton Moore was good enough to steer the Royals in the right direction. Now, we need to stay there.

Dayton Moore did some incredible work convincing Glass to invest more in the team. Although the revenue-sharing pouring in from other Major League Baseball teams may also have played a role in that decision.

A couple of ingenious trades by Dayton Moore (of both Zack Greinke and Wil Myers) would lead to the Kansas City Royals’ first winning season in a decade in 2013. First winning season in a decade! We all remember 2014 and 2015. Those seasons were magical. And, even though Dayton deserves a ton of the credit for wise decisions, I am comfortable expressing some gratitude to David Glass for allowing Dayton to put together a major league payroll that was competitive.

And this is where we, as Royals fans, need to be more demanding of our ownership. Putting together a reasonably competitive major league payroll is not a gift to fans. Especially now in the age of revenue sharing. It should be the absolute lowest expectation of an owner.

We have now lost 207 games over 2 seasons. I know it seems unlikely that any team would continue refusing to raise salaries after multiple 100 loss seasons had humiliated them. But, speaking for everyone who lived through the Glass years, I can assure you it is possible. But brutal.