Five Keys to Kansas City Royals Winning Series Versus Minnesota

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 6: Salvador Perez
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 6: Salvador Perez /
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Kansas City Royals

No. 5 Be Decisive With the Bullpen

Anyone who watched the Kansas City Royals game against Detroit on Monday likely remembers the ninth inning. The tension of watching a 7-3 lead shrink to 7-6 after Nicholas Castellanos hit a three-run homer was palpable.

Yost had let Brandon Maurer stay in after the home run. He let him stay in after a single followed. He even left him in to face a switch-hitter with Scott Alexander ready in the bullpen.

The lasting image of the day was Yost running around the dugout after another single put the winning run at first base. He eventually called on Alexander who predictably escaped the threat.

Yost’s indecision nearly cost the Kansas City Royals what should have been a simple win. A similar situation happened last Friday in Minnesota before Alexander saved the day.

Bottom line: Yost needs to be more decisive as it pertains to his use of the bullpen. There needs to be a plan. Well before Castellanos’ homer, he should have known what it would take for him to remove Maurer.

Crazy things happen that force managers to fly by the seat of their uniform pants. But Yost seems to be caught off-guard far too often for someone who has been with a team this long.

He isn’t always going to make the right call. No manager does, but if he is able to exude the confidence that comes with being decisive, his team will benefit greatly.

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Perhaps in the form of a series win this weekend, or at least we can hope so, right?