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Carlos Beltran

When the Kansas City Royals traded Carlos Beltran away midway through the 2004 season, he was beginning to emerge as a superstar. Unfortunately, the Royals return was forgettable, while Beltran went on to have a stellar career. Then, last season, with the Royals looking for help in right field, Beltran almost returned, but instead spurned the Royals for the New York Yankees.

As it turns out, the Royals should be glad that he signed elsewhere. Clearly on the back nine of his career, Beltran has not produced in the way that the Yankees had hoped. While he has improved this season, Beltran has essentially become a platoon player, seeing the majority of his time in the lineup against right handed pitching at this point.

These struggles do not diminish the type of career that Beltran has had. Entering last night’s action, he has posted a .280/.355/.490 batting line with 2388 hits, 380 home runs, 1407 RBI and 311 stolen bases. These numbers, which are certainly excellent, may not be enough for Beltran’s enshrinement. However, if he reaches the 2500 hit, 400 home run and 1500 RBI marks, voters may think differently about his candidacy.

It really would not be that much of a difference, but voters tend to like those round numbers. Just another season and a half of solid production could get Beltran there, allowing the former five tool center fielder to have a better case. Add in his eight All-Star appearances, three Gold Glove awards, Rookie of the Year award and two Sliver Sluggers, and Beltran would have a compelling case.

It seems likely that Carlos Beltran would be on the outside looking in, but the former Kansas City Royals young slugger could have a decent case for induction to the Hall of Fame.

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