Kansas City Royals 2015 All-Star Review

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Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Alcides Escobar

As most of you probably realize, I live in New England, right in the heart of Red Sox country. According to Sox fans, the idea that Alcides Escobar, the Kansas City Royals shortstop, is starting over Xander Bogaerts is a crime tantamount to the worst atrocities in human history.

Yet, one could argue that Escobar, who was deserving of an All-Star appearance last year, is even more deserving this season. On the heels of last year’s .285/.317/.377 batting line, Escobar has produced a .290/.327/.372 line this year, showing an improved eye at the plate. Perhaps that move to place him atop the lineup was truly the vote of confidence that he needed.

While Escobar has been solid at the plate, his calling card is still on defense. Escobar routinely makes plays that other shortstops could not imagine, showing off his tremendous range and arm. How he has yet to win a Gold Glove is beyond comprehension.

Those who complained about Alcides Escobar making the All-Star Team will be glad he is out there when he gets to flash some leather tonight. The Kansas City Royals shortstop should have been there last year, and deserves his appearance this season.

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