Kansas City Royals Rewind: The Fans are Right

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Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

2. Omar Infante

One of the entertaining stories about the Kansas City Royals fans getting out and voting for their players is that Omar Infante could be a starter for the MidSummer Classic. Even though he is statistically the worst second baseman in baseball, his presence could lead to an all Royals starting lineup.

While there would be a great deal of amusement, and overreactions from those who feel that the All-Star Game is a sacred event that should be taken with the seriousness of international arms treaties, the fact remains that Infante should not be in the lineup. His inability to perform at the plate has led to a gigantic black hole in the Royals batting order, essentially giving the opposition a free out more often than not.

Last week, Infante was 1-19, striking out six times. While he managed to score a run that one time he reached, one has to wonder why he is still in the lineup every day. Unfortunately, Christian Colon does not have that same level of trust that Infante has on defense, keeping his bat out of the lineup. Maybe it is time for a trade?

The Kansas City Royals need to get something out of the second base position, and they simply have not all season. Omar Infante certainly deserves credit for trying to play through his bone spur, but at this point, he is hurting the Royals far more than he is helping.

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