Kansas City Royals 2015 MLB Draft Review

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gabriel Cancel

Before he has even signed with the Kansas City Royals, there is already talk that Gabriel Cancel may end up having to switch positions. The 6’1″, 175 lb shortstop from the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy is considered to be someone who may have to become a catcher, as he may outgrow the position and could be a force behind the plate.

There are questions about Cancel’s ability to adjust to the professional ranks as well. According to MLB.com, scouts feel that while Cancel is athletic and has a solid build, he may struggle against the increased velocity of professional baseball.

In watching his video highlights, there is certainly a lot to like about Cancel. He appears to have a strong arm and solid range at short. That arm would appear as though it could translate behind the plate if the Royals did decide to move him from the infield.

Gabriel Cancel’s immediate future may be uncertain, and there are those question marks surrounding whether or not his game will translate. However, Cancel may turn out to be a worthwhile gamble for the Royals.

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