Kansas City Royals: Looking at Potential Trade Partners

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Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland A’s

When last we saw the Oakland A’s, Brett Lawrie had become Public Enemy #1 and Yordano Ventura and Kelvin Herrera were being ejected from the game. Yet, now, the A’s could actually be a possible trading partner for the Kansas City Royals as they look to shore up their starting rotation.

It could be that another part of that fracas could be available as well. Scott Kazmir, who set off another firestorm after hitting Lorenzo Cain in the foot, ccould be available at the trade deadline as the A’s look to find younger players to rebuild around.

When he has been on the mound, Kazmir has been excellent. His 2-3 record does not do justice to his 2.93 ERA or his 1.234 WHiP, numbers that make Kazmir quite the attractive trade piece. He has also struck out 57 batters in his 58.1 innings of work, as he has been able to get that key strikeout needed to escape trouble.

The trouble with Kazmir is that he is rather injury prone. He missed time this year with a shoulder injury, and has had elbow and hamstring woes during his career as well. While any pitcher may be considered a bit of an injury risk, Kazmir could be the ultimate boom or bust trade chip, capable of being that starter the Royals need, yet equally capable of getting injured two innings into his first start.

Scott Kazmir could help the Kansas City Royals, but he would also be a target that could flame out spectacularly. While he may be traded in the next couple of months, the Royals should focus elsewhere.

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