Kansas City Royals: Looking at Potential Trade Partners

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Miami Marlins

At the start of the season, it appeared as though the Miami Marlins were destined to contend for the playoffs. Jeffrey Loria, who has been able to make the tight fisted David Glass of the mid 2000’s seem like George Steinbrenner, actually spent money to upgrade the team, make trades and sign free agents. A solid season appeared to be in the cards for the Marlins.

Instead, they have floundered this season, struggling with injuries and ineffectiveness. While Loria and the Marlins may not be willing to undergo yet another fire sale, they may be willing to part with players not considered a part of the long term of the franchise. However, a pitcher like Dan Haren, who is under contract through this season, may be on the trading block.

Haren, a solid pitcher for much of his career, has easily been the best pitcher on the Marlins this season. Despite pitching for a team that is ten games under .500, Haren has a 6-2 record with a 3.18 ERA and a 1.074 WHiP. He may no longer be the strikeout pitcher he was back in his days with the Oakland A’s, but Haren has still proven to be quite effective.

A free agent after this season, Haren could be the type of piece that could truly help the Royals rotation. While he may cost more to acquire than a pitcher like Kyle Lohse or Mike Leake, he may be the best option available that would not cost the Royals several top prospects.

Dan Haren may not be the most exciting pitcher that the Kansas City Royals could acquire, but he may be their best option. If he comes available, Dayton Moore should pick up the phone.

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