Kansas City Royals Week Three Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alex Gordon

To say that Alex Gordon was ice cold coming out of Spring Training would be an understatement. His wrist did not seem right, and Ned Yost went out of his way to make sure that Gordon got plenty of rest for that wrist to heal up. Yet, even with these precautions, Gordon struggled to a .174/.387/.174 batting line over the first ten games of the season, getting on base mainly through getting hit.

Back in the lineup every day, Gordon definitely appears to be breaking out of that slump. Indeed, he has gone from the clod list to heading the hot list this week, as he produced a .304/.360/.609 batting line, hitting two home runs and looking more like the player the Royals need.

Naturally, Alex Gordon’s defense had continued strong, even with his struggles on offense. Yet, this week, Gordon even outdid himself. Sunday, he launched himself into the stands catching a foul ball, much to the surprise of the White Sox faithful. Indeed, his ability to cover virtually anywhere in left, or in the foul territory adjoining his section of the field, cannot be understated.

Alex Gordon appears to be on the way back to being himself, which is certainly great news for the Kansas City Royals. Hopefully, he can continue this latest hot streak.

And now, we look at those who struggled this past week.

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