Kansas City Royals Week Two Review: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

1. Lorenzo Cain

What doesn’t Lorenzo Cain do? He tracks down virtually everything in the outfield. He has been driving the ball all around the yard. And, he even helped ignite the already volatile Kansas City Royals relationship with the Oakland A’s again yesterday, after getting hit by Scott Kazmir (more on that later).

When he was able to avoid being hit by hurled spheroids, Cain continued to set the pace as the Royals hottest hitter in the early going of the season. Over the past week, Cain has produced a .435/.481/.652 batting line with two doubles, a home run and two stolen bases. Inserted as the third hitter in the lineup over the first two weeks, Cain has truly been driving the bus for the Royals.

Defensively, it seems as though the Kansas City Royals are cognoscente of why Lorenzo Cain was not nominated for a Gold Glove award last season. Instead of shifting him to right while Rios is out, they have kept Cain in center, where he continues to track down anything not sent into the stratosphere. Perhaps this will be the year he gets his Golden due.

As hot as the Kansas City Royals have been, no one on the team has been hotter than Lorenzo Cain.

Now, let us look at who has been cold over the past week.

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