Kansas City Royals Players to Target in Fantasy Baseball

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rios

If Alex Rios is drafted in your league, it is likely to be very late in the draft. It is certainly understandable why that would be the case, given his underwhelming .280/.311/.398 batting line last season and his suddenly disappearing power. While the 17 stolen bases he had last year were nice, his four home runs just will not cut it in fantasy circles.

However, there are signs that Rios may be primed for a bounceback season. Rios battled ankle and thumb injuries, his power had waned, but he was still hitting doubles and triples. A healthy Rios may be able to get back to that fifteen home run plateau. If he can steal twenty or more bases as well, Rios would suddenly be a valuable player.

Even though it is Spring Training, there are signs that the power outage of last season may be an aberration. Rios has already hit three home runs during Spring Training, and five of his seven hits have been for extra bases. Rios has also tacked on a stolen base, giving hope that he can be that 15/20 player.

He may not be one of the more impressive picks at the time of the draft, but Alex Rios could be a valuable pick during the season. Right now, he appears to be trending int he right direction.

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