Our Favorite Kansas City Royals Memorabilia

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Dave Hill shares some of his one of a kind items.

Growing up, Dan Quisenberry was my favorite player. Watching his submarine delivery, which was so different than how almost everyone else pitched, made quite the impression on me. I became a Kansas City Royals fan, and wanted to be a submarine pitching reliever when I grew up.

While my goal of throwing slow curves and sliders in the majors never came to fruition, I still remain a fan of Quisenberry and a sports memorabilia collector. These days, I collect Hall of Fame players and low numbered items, but I always keep an eye out for anything of Quisenberry’s that I do not have.

When Topps announced they were selling their old press plates and other one of a kind items on eBay, I set an alert for all things related to Dan Quisenberry. I now have 16 different press plates used in the making of his cards, and plan on getting my hands on all that I can find.

Quisenberry was the reason why I became a Kansas City Royals fan and a fan of the game. Having these unique items helps take me back to my younger days when I was discovering baseball.

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