Our Favorite Kansas City Royals Memorabilia

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Mike Vamosi has a few items to share with us.

I’ve got a lot of Royals apparel, and, in turn memorabilia, which should be useful for this particular post. Over the past 5-6 years, outside the games that my dad has tickets for, we’ve pinpointed giveaways that we’ve wanted to get. But some of my favorite things that I’ve got in my possession that are more memorabilia.

First thing that comes to mind is a coin from 1994 when the Royals were celebrating their 25th anniversary. On one side it had the logo from that season and the other I don’t recall without looking honestly might be the sponsor but still thought it was cool as an 12 year old.

A few years ago at Royals fan fest, when it was in Overland Park and not Bartell Hall, they had a card show outside where everything was going on. One vender had the “Split” patch KC wore on their jersey after the passing of the beloved player/broadcaster that I picked up. Other pieces that I really like are my collection of game used jerseys which I also picked up from fan fest. Over the past four years I’ve managed to get the home white, road grey, power and royal blue jerseys with patches from the All Star Game, Postseason and World Series.

Finally something that caps off my collection is the talking Denny Matthews bobblehead which is mainly filled with calls from the 1985 World Series run, hopefully they do another with updates.

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