Our Favorite Kansas City Royals Memorabilia

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Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Ethan Evans tells us of his meeting with Danny Duffy and a special decoration in his apartment.

I had to choose two pieces of memorabilia. One is a Royals baseball upon which I’ve been collecting signatures. It’s currently signed by Danny Duffy, Greg Holland, Billy Butler and John Mayberry. I got it signed at the Hyvee in my hometown when the Royals made a stop a few years ago. I kept trying to think of what I’d say when I got up there. I didn’t want to sound like an idiot. The guy in front of me went up to Danny Duffy and said “Hey thanks, Danny. Good luck this season” and walked off. I thought “I can easily come up with something better than that.” I walked up and Danny grabbed the baseball and said “What’s up, man?”

I said “Nothing much. Good luck this season” and walked out. Classic cottonmouth.

I also have a neon Royals light hanging in the living room of my apartment. If I’m at home and the Royals are playing, I try to have it on. It was on for almost the entire month of October this year which was a nice change.

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