Kansas City Royals Spring Training Mailbag

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This next question was really a two-part inquiry:

Well, in response to the first question – when a blogger cannot think of an article idea and wants to generate conversation. Although, maybe that should be kept to myself…..

Anyway, on to the actual question. Jandel Gustave is certainly interesting, given his 100 MPH fastball. However, Gustave is only 22 years old and has never pitched above A-ball. In fact, Gustave has a career 5.73 ERA and a 1.783 WHiP in the minors, walking 6.7 batters per nine innings. He throws hard, but has almost no idea as to whee it will end up.

The problem with keeping Jandel Gustave on the roster is that the Kansas City Royals may only have one bullpen spot open. The competition for that opening should be fierce, with Louis Coleman, Franklin Morales and the potential reclamation project that is Ryan Madson all vying for that spot. Plus, when he gets healthy, Kris Medlen will be in the mix as well, although that will be later in the year.

Gustave is certainly worth taking a chance on, but unless he has a major breakthrough in Spring Training, it seems unlikely that he will make the 25 man roster.

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