Kansas City Royals Bold Predictions for 2015

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We did say that Mike Moustakas was a popular topic. In fact, expectations for what would be a breakout year for Moustakas were pretty similar. Here are Mike Vamosi’s thoughts on Moustakas for the 2015 season:

Bold Prediction for 2015: Mike Moustakas hits 25 home runs – To me this feels pretty bold even with the fact that as recently as 2012 he hit 20 home runs. Now, last season he hit 15 which was a disappointment for most of the fanbase. I’m banking on this prediction based on what happened in the postseason, where he hit five, to have a carryover effect in 2015. The Kansas City Royals drafted Moustakas to be a middle of the line-up hitter and provide a 1-2 punch complimented by Eric Hosmer, which has been hit or miss recently by both. For whatever reason, when Ned Yost put Moose ninth in the line-up, it seemed the pressure dropped for him and his production increased.

Now, I’m not smart enough to put the two things together, however with Yost maintaining for now that his Opening Day line-up will look like the one in October, he will have Moustakas last again. I feel it will trigger a reemergence for the 26 year old.

While Hunter and others dive deeper into analytics (which for the record I like) about players, for me, this is more on just a feeling and it meets the bold criteria we were asked for the purpose of this post. For the Kansas City Royals to meet or improve on last season, they’ll need Moose as well as others to increase their 2014 production,  giving them an opportunity for another magical season.

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