Kansas City Royals Bold Predictions for 2015

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The Mike Moustakas Edition (part one)

We had three different predictions about Mike Moustakas, and all were positive. First, staff writer Carl Stewart:

Not only do I want some Moose Tacos, but also I want to buy a Moose Tacos cart to park beside the outfield fountains. This is the year Mike Moustakas breaks out of his slumping ways and proves himself to the world. Instead of eating crow, all of the majestic Moose’s detractors will be eating Moose Tacos this year while watching the career year he will have.

The powerful and noble Grecian Moose has been much maligned throughout his Big League career: underperforming, frustrating himself and everyone else, and destroying the hope that he would even be a mediocre ballplayer. All the doubts, frustrations, and woes end this year though. Building on his successful postseason display of power, the mighty Moose will unleash the beastly powers of his ancestors to terrorize the league with Herculean feats of defensive and offensive prowess. One of his detractors over at FanGraphs even thinks the Moose could be loose this year with his BB% trending up, his SO% trending down, and his power on the rise.

I am willing to go a step further and be so bold as to say Moose will go into beast mode this year. After an initial slump coming out of Spring Training, Moose will begin to display the power potential he has always been capable of displaying. It will come in streaks, but Moose will power his way to an impressive 29 dingers, a batting average north of .260, and around 75 RBI for the regular season as well as compete for a Gold Glove. The Greek gods of old will gather around the K, watching their mighty champion battle for the forces of good and power the Kansas City Royals to further postseason glory. Moose’s success will also propel Hosmer and Salvy to up their game to compete with the feasting of Moose Tacos.

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