Four Keys for the Royals to Win the World Series

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Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Continue the Power Surge

Even though the Royals finished last in baseball with only 95 home runs this season, that power outage has not carried over to the postseason. Thus far, the Royals have hit eight home runs in their eight games, including four homers in extra innings. While the Royals are going to rely upon their ability to make contact and their speed, they now have another dimension to the offense that was not there for most of the regular season.

It is not unprecedented for a team to suddenly flip the power switch in the postseason. The Cardinals finished 27th in home runs during the regular season last year, but hit ten postseason home runs in reaching the World Series. The Giants finished last in home runs in 2012, yet hit 14 home runs in 16 games to win the World Series. Just because the Royals did not hit for much power during the regular season does not mean that the postseason will end up with the same type of result.

To do so, the Royals will need to have both Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer to continue to hit the way they have this postseason. Both players have begun to look like the players the Royals envisioned when both were coming through the minors, as both Moustakas and Hosmer have combined for six of the eight home runs the Royals have launched this postseason.

The Royals speed and pressure based offensive attack has been enough to run opponents into the ground. Yet, having that added power dimension could be the difference for the Royals in the World Series.