Four Royals players who deserve Gold Glove Awards

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Cain

In every great group of players, there is seemingly one person that is forgotten. In the Royals outfield, Lorenzo Cain may be that player. With Alex Gordon entrenched in left and Jarrod Dyson getting playing time in center, Cain is the outfielder that gets shuffled between center and right, playing each position with his usual ability.

While Gordon has the notoriety and Dyson is known for his speed, all Cain has done is match Gordon in defensive WAR this season. Even though he lags behind with only 12 defensive runs saved and a 7.9 UZR, Cain has also played in only 125 games this season. Splitting his time between center and right, and typically switching between both spots during the game.

That versatility might make Lorenzo Cain a bit of a forgotten player when one discusses the top defensive players in baseball. However, with his ability to make highlight reel plays, and his overall ability to slide between both positions without any issue, Cain deserves to be in the conversation for the Gold Glove.

Cain may not get the recognition he deserves, but he has arguably been every bit as good as Gordon. He certainly has been as valuable on defense as Gordon has been this season.