Royals All Time All-Star Team – Part Two

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Outfield: Hal McRae (3)

Most younger fans, if they remember Hal McRae at all, probably recall his time as manager of the Kansas City Royals. He was the manager just before the bottom fell out, guiding the Royals to their final winning season before 2003. He also produced one of the better managerial rants, going off on a reporter in a postgame question and answer session.

Before going on his All-Star worthy tirade, McRae was an All-Star ballplayer during the during the mid 1970’s through the early part of the 1980’s. Acquired from the Cincinnati Reds in yet another heist for the Royals front office, McRae became a solid left fielder for the Royals. In his fifteen years in Kansas City, posting a .293/.356/.458 slash line with 169 home runs and 105 stolen bases.

Hal McRae was another member of the Royals who came close to snaring an MVP award without getting it. Twice, in 1976 and in 1982, McRae finished fourth in the balloting. That 1982 season was perhaps the best of his career, as McRae posted a .308/.369/.542 batting line with 27 home runs, leading the American League in doubles and RBIs while winning his only Silver Slugger award.

McRae had a solid career with the Royals, and stuck around as a coach, and later manager, afterwards. His production makes him a worthy player on this list.