David Glass is Willing to Add Payroll for a Playoff Push


For years, David Glass has been criticized as a tightwad. His general stinginess had earned the admiration of misers everywhere. In fact, one could almost imagine Glass shedding a tear if he had to part with so much as a nickel from his personal account. However, based over the last few years, that reputation may need to be changed. The Royals payroll, which was just over $36 Million in 2011, has increased to over $92 Million this season.

While the focus during the offseason involved the money that Glass did not spend, specifically to retain Ervin Santana, it is not as if the wallet was welded shut. The Royals brought in Jason Vargas on a four year deal to replace Santana. Omar Infante was signed to solidify second base, which had been a black hole over the past few years. While neither player may have been considered a top tier free agent, both players filled holes in the lineup and in the rotation.

Now, with the Royals harboring legitimate playoff aspirations and in the midst of an impressive through June, the Royals may find themselves in the market for further upgrades as they seek to end their 29 year playoff drought. Naturally, to do so, the Royals will need to add more payroll, something that was not always a given in the past. Yet, things seem to have changed with David Glass and the Royals, as Dayton Moore has indicated that Glass has given the green light to add more payroll.

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The bottom line is still important to Glass, as Moore specifically stated that the Royals were not going to lose money. However, if the Royals could acquire an impact bat for the middle of the lineup, or potentially some relief help to solidify the middle of the bullpen, Dayton Moore has the green light to bring in the right players. Unlike 2003, when Curt Leskanic was the big trade deadline acquisition, the Royals may make an impact move.

“There’s a directive from Mr. Glass to make sure we’re doing everything we can each day to find ways to improve our team,” he said. “So that’s what we’ll continue to strive to do.”

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David Glass has been the target of a lot of criticism for his tenure as the Royals owner. A once proud franchise had gone from a model baseball operation to a laughingstock within the game. And yet, Glass can no longer be viewed by the past. He appears willing to do whatever is needed to make sure that the Royals remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunity presented to them. For as much criticism as he received previously, Glass deserves praise for his willingness to increase the payroll over the past few years. If the Royals add an impact player at the deadline, Glass will be a major part of why.

Of course, it is one thing to promise to increase payroll but another to actually do so. Should the Royals remain in playoff contention at the deadline and the type of impact player that the Royals could use comes available, then Glass will have the chance to literally put his money where his mouth is. Yet, after years of austerity, just hearing the possibility that payroll could increase if needed is a positive sign.

The Royals look like a playoff contender. If Dayton Moore feels a player is needed, David Glass appears willing to let him get that piece. It is a welcome change.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/mlb/kansas-city-royals/article563503/Dayton-Moore-says-David-Glass-would-allow-him-to-increase-payroll-as-Royals-chase-playoff-berth.html#storylink=cpy