Jul 11, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Marlon Byrd (3) doubles to right during the sixth inning of a game against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies won 6-2. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Marlon Byrd May Not Be the Answer for the Royals

The Kansas City Royals are thought to be in the market for a power hitter, given the lack of anything resembling a home run threat in the lineup. Right field has generally been considered the area that they would upgrade at, given the overall struggles of Nori Aoki this season. Even though the Aoki/Jarrod Dyson platoon has worked well when Aoki was healthy, right field is still that area that seems to be seems to be the “problem area” in virtually every Royals trade piece.

Naturally, given that belief, any possible power hitting right fielder that could be available could be considered a potential target for the Royals. One of the names that keeps getting brought up as a possibility for the Royals is Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Marlon Byrd, who is in the first year of a two year, $16 Million contract.Byrd would certainly fill that role, as his .261/.313/.481 slash line and 18 home runs would appear to be exactly what the Royals would need.

However, given Byrd’s salary, and a vesting option for 2016 worth another $8 Million if he gets either 600 plate appearances in 2015 or a total of 1100 plate appearances during the first two years of the deal, it would seem difficult to imagine the Royals being willing to spend that much on a player in his late 30′s. Even if the Royals were willing to make that type of expenditure, it might be a moot point anyway, as it was revealed that Byrd has a limited no-trade clause of four teams. The Royals just so happen to be one of those four.

According to Marlon Byrd, the Royals and the Seattle Mariners, two of the four teams on the list, were added at the time since they were offered. if the Phillies were to approach Byrd about being moved to either the Royals or the Mariners, he stated that he would consider the move if it helped the team out long term. And Byrd may be interested in helping a team in a playoff chase, since he only appeared in the postseason for the first time last year.

“I signed a two-year deal here for a reason. The thought process was to retire as a Phillie.”

Byrd also said that he signed the two year contract in Philadelphia because he wants to retire as a member of the Phillies. Even if Byrd would agree to be traded to the Royals, would his heart really be in such a move? While a chance at the postseason could be a major lure, would Byrd become discontented should the Royals fade from postseason contention? Is it really worth the prospect(s) and cost to find out? Byrd did put the Royals on his no-trade list for some reason, despite what he says.

In theory, Marlon Byrd to the Royals makes sense. In reality, such a move does not seem to be in the Royals best interests.

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  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    Kind of a bummer about the “no-trade clause”. He would have been an upgrade for a position we need help in but from the sounds of everything Byrd doesn’t seem like an option anymore.

    The only question now is, who could we trade for that would be an upgrade or solution for the Royals? Or should we wait till the season is over and look for a FA then. The thing is, power costs money. So the Royals have to be willing to drop a lot of money to get that bat. Glass has been reported saying he will spend more money, but I’m curious as to how much money is more money and who the Royals would target.

    • Dave Hill

      The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the Royals stand pat with the lineup and maybe add a lefty for the bullpen.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        I want them to make a trade for something other than pitching. The bullpen isn’t that bad, although it’s not as solid as last year. The rotation is better than last year. The defense is still as solid. They need offense, but I’m not sure who exactly they would get. The ASB couldn’t come soon enough so we can see what the Royals will do.

  • jimfetterolf

    Going to sit Dyson’s 2.4rW for Byrd’s 1.9rW in more games, plus pay more money for defense that won’t play at the K, plus trade value for it? In the hope that he can get the ball out of the K? I’ll take Dyson all day long in that deal.

    • Bear Brinkman

      No, but I’d take him as a DH over Butler any day. Billy’s done.

  • cardsfanatik

    Being a Royals fan is hard. They keep a manager who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. They keep a GM who so far, hasn’t been the “talent evaluator” he was brought in to be. They suck for years, then when they get close, that same GM is incapable of delivering what they need. The problem doesn’t lie with the players. Yes Butler, Moustakas, and Hosmer and Aoki have sucked. But they keep getting ran out there. So they’ll keep on sucking. I’m sick to death with it. The pitching is fine, yet they scout pitchers. THEY NEED A GOD DAMN HITTER. Dayton, did you hear that? You worthless pile of shit. I don’t give a shit if you get Dunn, Willingham, Byrd, Trumbo etc. But get off your prissy ass and do something you complete waste of space. This team will never be good with this staff. GM, manager need to go. Glass spent the money this year, so I won’t start on him, he just had a complete idiot spending it. Moore is no Schierholtz. I wouldn’t let Yost make the lineup for a T-ball game.
    Yes, this team isn’t playoff caliber. But they have a pretty damn good start. They have a stud CF/RF, C, LF, a defensive God at SS. A very serviceable 2B. One helluva pitching staff.
    Now, the DH, 1B, 3B, the guys we are RELYING on to produce are choking to death. It can’t continue…. Or can it? This is KC.
    This team HAS to have a guy that produces some power and some runs in the middle of the lineup. Now, with the Royals budget you’ll have to get creative, but I for one think it’s about damn time the town idiot Moore earned his paycheck. If it costs Holland and any one of Butler, Hosmer, or Moustakas….. Who cares? We can’t afford Holland AND Davis AND Hochevar in the BP for very long anyway. Use what ya got Dayton, you dummy.
    Personally, an OF of Gordon in LF, Dyson in CF, Cain in RF, isn’t all that shabby. I wouldn’t trade the farm for anyone not named Stanton. You could upgrade at DH the easiest probably. But you could possibly pick up a veteran 3B/1B. I can’t even watch Butler anymore. He gets pissy, but it’s not like he’s just mired in a small slump. If you don’t want to give up on Hosmer and Moustakas, fine. But then you CAN’T stay with Butler. There are people available, and we sign Ibanez? I give up.
    Anyway that’s my rant for the day. If they can hold onto this one today, they’ll be 6 1/2 back of the Tigers. Time to shit or get off the pot.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      In the month of July, Hosmer is batting .442/.520/.674 with an OPS of 1.194 (absolutely amazing) and Moose is batting .241/.303/.483 with an OPS of .786 (which isn’t amazing, but a hell of a lot better than what he was doing).

      Trade away Hosmer? That is an absolutely ridiculous thought. Trading away Moose and Butler, not such a ridiculous thought. Trading Holland, not a ridiculous thought. But to say, “who cares” when suggesting trading Hosmer, I think the whole Royals fan base and organization cares. The best defensive 1B in the AL and the best hitter all of second half last year, and the month of July, yeah I think a lot of people care. You act like Hochevar is going to get a huge contact next year. He’s coming off TJS, he’s going to be lucky to get a contract thats worth more than $2M. He’s going to be very cheap next year.

      Saying the Royals should only trade for an OF with the last name of Stanton….that makes no sense because MIA will never EVER trade Stanton. If you really want power, then it will have to be a RF or DH because those are the positions we actually need help in. Ibanez will be gone by the end of the ASB, if not he will be on the bench till they let him go.

      I’ve literally asked you this 100 times and every time you ignore the question and you chose to ignore the question and instead find something new to complain about or what you’ve already complained about. Who are the Royals trading for? Who is out there that is affordable, with power, at a position we, and wont cost the Royals the house? Try realistic ideas and solutions, instead of irrational ones.

      • cardsfanatik

        Again, your a fucking idiot. I SAID I WOULDN’T TRADE THE FARM FOR ANYONE NOT NAMED STANTON. For the retards, that means i wouldn’t give up much for an OF’er, because what we have isn’t too shabby. Seriously, stop commenting on my shit, your retarded, you don’t read what I say, and all you want to do is throw HALF of the whole set of numbers around. As far as Hosmer, your in man love, and that’s fine, but there are a lot of first baseman I would choose over him. He needs to hit ALL YEAR. Not just July, dumbass. Maybe your job let’s you show up and only work half the year? I’d fire your ass.
        Again, what I said jackass was this, UPGRADING AT DH WOULD PROBABLY BE THE EASIEST THING TO DO. So trade for a Trumbo, or a Dunn, and be done with Butler, I also stated such, when I said IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP ON MOUSTAKAS AND HOSMER, THEN BUTLER NEEDS TO GO. And if you actually followed EVERYTHING I said, you would know that I have also stated the Royals CAN’T AFFORD AVERAGE AND POWER, SO PICK ONE, Butler is doing NEITHER. Which is why you choose a guy like Trumbo or Dunn, low average, high power, won’t cost a ton. Trumbo might be pricier, but I wouldn’t overpay for him.
        Now seriously, your either stupid, or can’t read, or your a troll, since you were just bitching about getting a pitcher the other day, then in a different column bitching we don’t need pitching. You took what I said, and just made shit up. And no, not everyone is in love with Hosmer like you are. He’s only a part time offensive player. But whatever. Now, I’m done talking to you, so find someone else to act like a retard around.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          HA! For real, if debating and being a Royals fan makes you this upset that lashing out like that makes you happy, you need another alternative. You really need to re-evaluate your extra time.

          If you actually read what I wrote, I wrote that trading Butler, Moose and Holland would be a good thing, hints the “not a ridiculous thought”. That means that I think trading those players is a good thing and they should.So before making comments about me not reading everything, why not read what I wrote because I addressed what you wrote.

          Yeah, Hosmer should hit the way he has is in July all year. That would be extremely nice. But it’s his 3rd year, he’s still learning, and he’s not Mike Trout or a phenom like that. He is however, an above average player. Which is why they Royals aren’t trading Hosmer or getting rid of him. When he starts contract extensions, that might be a different story, but for now, he’s going no where.

          If you really paid attention to what I was saying about pitching, I was talking SP. Not bullpen like they are looking now. I was also saying that Samardzija was the best option because all other pitching this FA isn’t at the same level. So we didn’t get Samardzija, so we don’t need pitching.

          And Dunn has nearly identical numbers as Moose and is 34 years old. Trumbo is fine, but why would ARZ trade him away?

          • cardsfanatik

            Once again showing what you DON’T KNOW.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I honestly look forward to reading your comments because they always give me a good laugh! You really can’t go through a comment without complaining or name calling can you?! The difference between me debating, and your version of debating, is your version doesn’t come with any solution to a problem, or thought at all. Your form of debating is stating the obvious, not thinking of possible solutions and complaining.

            Who cares how many times Dunn walks? He’s walked 34 more times than Moose, yet only produced 9 more runs. He’s also got the exact same number of RBIs. So who really cares if he walks, he doesn’t score 34 more times. He has 13 more hits than Moose, great. Blame the team for his lack of run support if that’s really what matters to you, but if you want to continue look strictly at numbers, production wise, Dunn isn’t that much better than Moose. But really…who cares? The Royals aren’t getting Dunn, so you’re getting all upset about a player the Royals wont get. Shoot.

            Trumbo? Never going to be in a Royals trade. The fact that you think that this is even an option is funny to me. What ever game you the indiction that ARZ was looking to trade Trumbo and that the Royals are even interested in Trumbo? When I said realistic, I meant more along the lines of a player they could legitimately get. MLB Trade Rumors says that a Trumbo trade is “unlikely”. Does that mean they won’t trade him? No. Do you honestly think ARZ is going to trade away a power bat like Trumbo though? Doubtful.

            Jonny Gomes is another story though. It’s an interesting one because he isn’t a huge improvement, but he could solve the RF problem. I feel like they might be able to get a better option, but if Gomes really is the best option for the Royals, fine. I would rather them make a move and try to fix a problem then not do anything at all right now.

            Until the Royals are rumored to be looking at Dunn or Trumbo talking about it is stupid. So, continue trying to verbally insult me to get me to change my mind on thing. By the way, if I really didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, why is it 50% of my comments are agreed on, while 20% of yours are? That doesn’t count the people saying they agree either. So if you want to continue talking numbers and insulting my intelligence, we can continue looking at the numbers if you’d like :)

          • cardsfanatik

            Your an idiot. It has been stated that Trumbo could be traded. It is well known that Dunn could be traded. Gomes isn’t the answer. He is a “little” better than Ibanez. Not a “lot” better than what we have. If they are looking at Gomes, you and Dayton should just hook up and date, cause you deserve each other. The point of these comments is to talk about what we “think” should happen. And I think you’ll find if you go through the articles, there was mention of Dunn, AFTER I said something about it. So I really don’t give a shit how many people agree with you on here, baseball wise, you are one of those guys that just suck ass at some comments, and troll others. This team won’t win shit, because they won’t do what they need to do, to get the help they need. And its guys like you and Front Office of this team, that are just to stupid to be around baseball. You really have NO concept of what it would take to win this year. The “numbers” suggest that Dunn IS better than Moustakas. And your little comment, “he’s only scored x more runs”. Your soooooo god damn dumb. RBI’s, and the amount of runs he has scored IS DEPENDENT ON THE TEAM AROUND HIM YOU FOOL. It is a senseless way to look at it. The fact is, HE’S GETTING ON MUCH MORE THAN MOUSTAKAS, AND WILL PROVIDE MORE THAN BUTLER. If everyone that is around Butler now, continues to produce as they are right now. Now, I’m laughing my ass off at you agreeing with someone else’s Stanton comment, when all I said was “don’t trade the whole farm for anyone NOT NAMED STANTON”. Your a troll, and an idiot. Now get out of your mom’s basement, and go get a job, so you can contribute something useful to society.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. Something that people should love is getting you all worked up. I’m beginning to wonder why you even watch/talk about baseball and Royals because it only seems to make you an angry person.

            But I never agreed to anything about Stanton because he’s not even an option. So why bother. If you show me where the Royals are interested on Dunn and Trumbo, then your argument has some relivance. But looking through everything, nothing you come up with has any relivance. Maybe you should stick to your video games because that’s the only time the Royals would get Stanton, or Dunn, or even Trumbo. I said that the rumor is that ARZ is unlikely to trade Trumbo, but nothing ever was mentioned about the Royals. So
            Maybe you missed that part. Maybe?

            You are more consumed with trying to make me upset that it’s actually providing entertainment because your insults are the exact same as an 11 year old.

            Saying Gomes is about the same as Ibanez is a bit dramatic too.

            Oh, and if you think I have the same mentality as the Front Office of the Royals, I take that as a compliment. That just means I think logically and rationally with the Royals instead of managing and thinking of a team like you do in a video game! So thanks!

          • cardsfanatik

            You really have no concept. This team isn’t constructed to win the post season, probably not even get there. This is their best chance in years. And if they don’t make a move, it won’t be enough. I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE that thinks so. Gomes won’t be enough. If you think so, you are a dumbass. The fact of the matter is, I don’t care if I piss you off, or if you agree with me or not. Its numbers. The Royal’s don’t put up enough.
            Read the article by Joel Wagler in KC Kingdom. It says EVERYTHING that I have been saying. I’m really not trying to argue with you, quite frankly it would do no good, you can’t fix stupid.
            You have made ZERO suggestions that would fix the Royal’s inability to score runs this year. The ONLY thing you wanted was to trade for Samardzija, then trade AWAY Shields, which ANYONE in the industry would call you an idiot. You don’t trade away prospects for a starter that is not quite as good as what you have, just to trade the better one for a lesser return, because of team control. Shields is a stud, he struggled, yes, but everyone does at times.
            Now, if you want to suggest a trade that ACTUALLY will put the Royal’s in a position to score more runs, be my guest. The fact of the matter is, you can’t. You are of the fantasy that the Royal’s DON’T have the ability to go out and get a hitter. What you don’t realize is, THEY COULD IF THEY WANTED TO.
            The minor league system isn’t as stacked as it has been in the past, but we have something everyone wants in Greg Holland. We also have a couple of nice pieces in the minors that could sweeten a deal. Now, if you package one of Moustakas, Butler, or Hosmer with Holland and a top 50 prospect, that is a pretty good package. Hosmer should demand more of a return, as he has shown the most success at the younger age, between he and Moustakas. Butler I’m afraid is just losing value every day. I said after ’12 we should trade him, and you were probably one of the morons saying “GOD NO”. He would have netted a complete haul at that point. Probably could have easily gotten a Seager with a couple more for him from Seattle at that point. Stop overvaluing what is on this roster. If the Royal’s can get a true power hitter and it costs them Hosmer, AGAIN, WHO CARES? Now, I wouldn’t trade Hosmer for Dunn, Gomes, or Trumbo. But I guarantee you if Miami called and said we’ll give you Stanton for Hosmer, Holland, Butler, and one of our prospects, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Now, not that thats going to happen, but its fun to think about, and thats what a lot of these comments are………what if. Hell, thats what a lot of these articles are……….Like the Todd Frazier one, its a pipe dream, but its one that would greatly improve this team.
            Now, if instead of being a douchebag troll, if you want to come up with something that will ACTUALLY HELP this year, come on. But staying with what we have, or getting a Jonny Gomes and saying, BAM, fixed isn’t going to do it either. Hell, even Dunn probably wouldn’t be enough. This team realistically needs 2 hitters. But one of them has to hit for some power. So, now choose where you want to put those 2 hitters. 1 has to be the DH, which at this point in his career, thats about all Dunn is. Gomes isn’t that. He’s having by far one of the worst seasons of his career. Dunn’s average has always sucked, but he’s still hitting HR’s and still taking walks, which mean’s he’s still producing.
            Now you can pick between RF, 3B, 1B. Where can you find something that is BETTER than what we have? Do you really want to sit Cain for Gomes? Hell, I’m not a Dyson fan, and I would rather have him in there than Gomes. Gomes is another version of Maxwell, lefty masher, righty nothing. So where can you upgrade now?
            You can trade for a Trumbo, and DH him, and spell one of the other OF’ers once in a while, and leave Dunn alone. This would be my pick, and it has been said that Arizona WOULD listen on him. Now, it says a trade isn’t LIKELY, but that doesn’t say HE’S NOT AVAILABLE. And its not that Arizona won’t trade him because he is a complete stud, its the fact of the money he’s owed, and what they gave up to get him. So he would probably cost some talent. Not all top of the pipeline talent, but Dayton is going to have to get creative, which I have no faith in him to do.
            There isn’t a ton available, but the fact of the matter is, THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. If they go and get a reliever, and a Gomes, well, (and I’m laughing) you can kiss this season goodbye also. Maybe you like waiting 30 years between post season appearances, but I don’t, and the way the Central Division is this year, the Royal’s better do everything they can to win it this year, because next year, the Tigers will reload, and so will Cleveland, and there isn’t shit coming through the pipeline to help the Royal’s next year.
            If you don’t see it, I can’t help you.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            First off, if you really want to tell me that I can’t spell or read what was actually said, you should probably do the same :) it doesn’t make sense for you to tell me that I can’t spell or that I don’t read what you write, when you clearly don’t read what I write.

            Second, seeing is how you have gone back through everything that I have said, I would love for you to go back and tell me when and where the post is that I said “Oh God no” on trading Butler. See, if you were really reading what I said, you would see that I have been saying trade Butler for about 2 years now. Before the year started I was saying trade Butler. So that comment is pretty pointless considering I haven’t said “no keep Billy”. But good try!

            Third, if you can show me any post where I said we are fine offensively and don’t need any help at all, I would love for you to show me that as well. I thought the lineup would be fine because I was hoping Moose would turn it around, Hosmer would keep playing on fire and Butler would do just enough. That hasn’t happened. So I never said, “leave it how it is”. I’ve actally been hoping that the Royals sign another RF because Aoki isn’t panning out like we had hoped he would. So once again, nice try!

            Fouth, I never said Gomes was the anwer. I said he would be an improvement over Aoki, seeing is how they want power and Gomes has more power than Aoki. I also said that I was hoping the Royals could find someone better than Gomes. So, again, good try!

            Fifth, you don’t piss me off. I actually find it quite funny how upset you get over a simple conversation/debate. Yeah, I still find it hard to believe that someone who has “cardsfanatik” is a Royals fan. Especially after making comments about how bad the Cardinals have been and such. But you don’t piss me off in the least bit! Hints me not coming back to your “you’re an idiot”, “You obviously like complete mediocrity. Probably a lot like our minimum wage life I guess.” and calling me a jackass. I find it quite sad that you can’t have an adult conversation without trying to insult the other person, hints me feeling sorry for you. I also have a hard time understanding why you hate the Royals so much. You complain about the Royals from the players to ownership. You complain about pretty much everything about the Royals, and you blame it on not having a playoff team since 1985? So are you saying that’s a just reason for you complaining and obvious fury? You honestly feel that it is acceptable to complain and ruin days of your life over a baseball team? That’s why I feel sorry for you. I honestly have a hard time understanding why something that is supposed to provide so much joy in everyones lives can cause you so much pain, yet you consistently stay around? Why not find a better alternative?

            Sixth, back to you not reading what I wrote. I said that Baseball Rumors said that a Trumbo trade is unlikely. I also said, “now does that mean that they wont trade him? No.” Which obviously means that I know that ARZ will listen to offers and if one is really that great they might take it. I was unaware that I had to spell that all out for you, I was kind of hoping you would be able to figure that one out one your own.

            Seventh, yes I suggested trading Shields. Now why would I suggest trading Shields? Not because he is struggling. But because he wont be back next year. So instead of testing the year with him to see what could happen and only getting a draft pick in return on a player the franchise may never see or have to wait 5 years before he even makes the call up, why not trade for a pitcher who is proven already? He is one of the best NL, now AL, pitchers this year. With our offense, why wouldn’t he be as good if not better? He would be on the team next year and we would have our rotation set automatically. Also, the idea came up because the Royals were following him and scouting him. So obviously, the Royals felt they had a chance and they felt that they could get their pitching situation figured out. Now, I’m honestly surprised that the Cubs got as much as they did, and if that the only option they gave the Royals, then I’m glad they passed. But you’re still holding onto something that I said such a long time ago. Why does it matter anymore? If the Royals got him, he would come cheap for the production he came with. It’s not like he would have crippled the rotation. Shields is leaving, so why not try and get something in return besides a draft pick?

            Eighth, if the Royals aren’t in rumor to be talking to Trumbo or Dunn, then they probably aren’t talking to them. They are big named players, they don’t just get trade offers from teams and no one know about it. Now, with that being said, they might slip under the radar since they haven’t been as productive this year. Dunn in the DH spot is fine, whatever. But what do you honestly thing they will have to give up in order to get him? Is it worth it? Trumbo would be worth even more. You said trading Hosmer is no big deal, or as you said, “who cares”. So we trade away the best 1B in the AL that is under contract with arbitration till after 2017 or 2018, still very young, and has a high ceiling, does that help the team or hurt the team? Stanton isn’t going anywhere. So I’m confused as to why you think that is even an option or pretending it is an option. Now, if they did call me up and say they would give me Stanton for Butler, Holland, a prospect and Hosmer, I would give it some serious thought. Butler, like I have been saying, needs to get traded. Holland is going to be to expensive so I would be shocked if he came back next year. A prospect, no big deal. Hosmer, I would have to think about. You can hate Hosmer all you want, but the fact of the matter is, he is one of the best players the Royals have. If you can figure out how to start hot instead of stuggling, he would be one of the most dangerous player all around in the AL. (now make sure you read the “one of” so you don’t think I’m saying he will “be the best”) Would I love Stanton? Absolutely. What team wouldn’t want Stanton. They guy is a freak of nature. But, be realistic. You don’t want to blow up your farm league, but you’re willing to blow up your big league team for one player? I doubt the Royals would take that trade if they were offered it. They can’t afford to take that trade because now you have a DH spot vacant, as well as a 1B spot, and a bullpen spot vacant sense Davis would move to the closing spot. Only solution for the Royals would be a power bat and a RF. I feel like they could find someone that is less than Stanton, but can put up numbers that are close to his. (close means not exactly, but just below in case you were wondering)

            Ninth, you say that this year is that only year the Royals have a chance of making it to the playoffs. Okay, let me ask you this question. How many players are going to be FA next year that are on the current roster? I can only think of two, and one has a team option for next year so it really is only one. Shields and Butler. Who else? If the team we have this year is really our best shot, plus a replacement at RF and DH, how is losing Shields and Butler next year change anything? So saying that this is our only year, only chance…I feel like that’s a bit dramatic. If you listen to the radio occationally you would have heard that conversation happen when they said that this Royals team isn’t losing very much next year, so why is this year all or nothing? But can you name anyone else on the big league team that is leaving or has a chance of leaving next year? Besides Shields and Butler?

            Tenth, you aren’t going to say anything that is going to make me snap, so why not leave the name calling out of this? It honeslty makes you look bad. I could care less about what you think of me. When you insult me, it makes me laugh. When you try to tell me that my life is sad or whatever, it makes me laugh. If you want to live life constaintly complaining and trying to talk down to people, by all means go for it. But you aren’t making me mad, upset or pissed or whatever it is you’re trying to make me feel. You’re actually making me, once again, laugh.

          • cardsfanatik

            You still miss the point.

            The Royals aren’t good enough to win this year.

            So what they lose next year is a mute point. I actually don’t understand why we are arguing, because we agree for the most part. Other than you wanting to trade for Samardzija, then trade away Shields.

            I also never stated that “The Royal’s were going to get Stanton” that was going along with Dave’s article about Todd Frazier. Its pipe dreams. And thats all it was. So lay off of it. But if the Marlin’s called, and you would have to “think about it” because of Hosmer, we’re on different planets.

            I do like the fact that they just picked up Jason Frasor. Now leave the damn bullpen alone, and go to work on the offense.

            You still haven’t made a suggestion that makes this team better. . . . . . . .

            Next year, the Royal’s don’t lose much. Well thats good, cause they don’t have much to lose. If you want the Royal’s to win, which you say you do. They need to make a trade or two, to increase production from the lineup. It’s not rocket science. I want you to go back through post seasons, and tell me how many teams won with noone on the roster that could manage to hit 25 HR’s and drive in 100? Not very damn many. The Royal’s don’t have one guy that is going to hit 25 HR’s, and probably not 20 HR’s. And I don’t care what you say, runs are directly tied to HR’s. You HAVE to have a guy in the middle of the lineup that does damage on a consistent basis. That guy doesn’t have to be a Stanton, but that guy has to be more than what we have. Hosmer you talk about being on a tear, well, average wise maybe. Power and production wise, not so much. If the guys that are supposed to be driving in runs are looking at each other from first and second, because all they can manage to hit are singles, well, that doesn’t make for good run scoring. And if Hosmer’s going to be singles hitter, he better hit for high average, or he’s a waste of space in my opinion. If he finishes the year batting .330, I’ll be ok with him hitting 15 HR’s. But if he can’t manage average, he needs to hit for more power. Don’t be so in love with Hosmer anyway, when it comes big contract time, he’ll be taking his services somewhere else anyway. I just don’t overvalue what we have. And I don’t value Hosmer that highly. He’s a nice piece to the puzzle, but it would pain me more to lose Escobar than Hosmer. Escobar is a wizard with the glove at a premium position, so you can afford little offensive output. Hosmer is a wizard with the glove at a position you could put a scarecrow, its a position you look for offense out of, and one month of offense doesn’t make an All-Star, especially since that month has provided minimal power. And before you go bat shit crazy, Hosmer plays a power position, and power is why he was drafted. So it’s what you expect. Moustakas the same. His defense is okay, not gold glove good, but servicable. But once again, he was drafted for power. If he’s going to hit under .200, he better hit 40 HR’s to justify his spot on the roster to me.
            Now, Butler, I’m not sure what in the hell is wrong with Butler, other than I have never viewed him as a middle of the order bat. He’s finally batting where he has belonged all along. Now, if you have a line up with Billy Butler batting 6-7, thats a damn good line up, the problem is, the Royal’s really don’t have “that” line up. That would mean they have guys that can manage better than a .270ish average, while hitting for some power in front of Butler……..And they don’t.

            I’m not saying there is a fix on this years trade market, but i am telling you this.
            This team as it sits right now, is not good enough to beat the Tiger’s and sure as hell not good enough to beat the A’s to go anywhere near a post season.

            Now this conversation is getting stale. You think we can manage with what we have, or a “minor” upgrade and be fine, I don’t

            You should really try reading some of what most of the industry are saying though, and that is that the Royal’s NEED MORE POWER. And they need it sooner than later.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Which I never said they didn’t need more offense. I think they need more power. The only problem is they don’t have the pieces to trade for that bat without unloading the team. Gomes provides a better bat, power wise, then what we have.

            The only thing that would save the team price wise is all the players they have been trading for cash. Verdugo is in Boston now and we only got cash in return. So all these trades either mean we are loading up for a move this ASB or we are waiting till the Winter Meetings.

            If they don’t get the bat this ASB then they are probably waiting till the Winter Meetings. Now if they make the playoffs, or even the Wild Card, fans are going to be excited. It doesn’t matter where in the playoffs or how far they go in the playoffs. Fans just want to see them be competitive and make the playoffs. Something we haven’t seen in 29 years.

            The A’s would be difficult to beat if they continue the way they are, but Detroit isn’t Gods team and the Royals stand a chance on beating the Tigers. Playoffs provide weird situations and things happen. So when the playoffs start and the if the Royals are in the playoffs, it’s not a for sure that the Royals loss.

            I would be happy with a playoff spot, even just a Wild Card. Anyone who came into this year expecting the Royals to win the World Series or whatever had way to high of expectations. We were competitive for the first time since 2003 last year. We are again this year finishing above .500 at the ASB since 2003. That’s nice, but the playoffs are more important. Dumping your young players for a power hitter for this year though isn’t worth it because you waste whatever chances you have in the future and we would have to dump a good chunk to get that power bat that is feared. Do the Royals need the fears bat though? No, they just need a bat that has pop more often than not.